About Brunjee

Brunjee is specialized in data processing technology and system automation based on Open Source technology.

We believe it is important that technology serves people and does not harm them.
The slogan “Liberating Technology” is what we stand for.


Our services are transparent and honest. Collaboration based on clear goals and mutual expectations.


Honesty brings openness. All our solutions are preferably based on Open Source Software and open standards. This allows you as a customer to go in any direction. Vendor lock-in situations are prevented.



Respect for the privacy of every person. Everyone has the right to their privacy. In our opinion, even more than current legislation prescribes.


Brunjee tries to do business sustainably as much as possible. Charities for people and the environment can use our services at extra attractive rates.
Here you can find additional information.


Brunjee provides the following services

Data processing

Setting up automated data transports, data transformations, enrichment and storage.

Robotic Process Automation

utomating processes, even when it does not seem possible.


Management reports or real-time process monitoring.

API Development

Making data and functions available for communication between different systems.

Custom Software

The solution for your unique problem or wishes.

Contact and company details

You can contact Brunjee using the form below. Here you will also find Brunjee’s company details.